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About Valerie

Valerie's Story


From breakfast and coffee to dinner and cocktails, Valerie has over 30 years in the restaurant industry. After managing a Portland breakfast and lunch restaurant for many years, Valerie decided it was time to take a leap of faith and follow her passion.


In 2011 Valerie found a vacant retail space (now Breakfast at Valeries) and renovated the space from the floor up. After several months and many long nights of planning and construction Valerie was up in running for family dining. When asked if Valerie is happy with her decision to open a restaurant she said, "If I would have known how much work it would be... I would not have done it. BUT  I am so glad I didn't know, because I am happy that I did it and where I am today!" 


Valerie's daughter's describe her as  loving, caring, devoted and the most hard working person they know. When Valerie is not working in the restaurant, she is usually shopping for the restaurant. Breakfast at Valeries is successful, because of the hard work that Valerie puts into it day in and day out as well as the help of all her dedicated employees who keep customers coming back for more! 


Valerie would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting Breakfast at Valeries and her dream. "It is truly a pleasure to serve the community and get to personally know so many customers who visit us frequently." says Valerie. 

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